Project Update: Union Station

Project Update: Union Station

The station has now been under construction for over two years. The main goal is to increase capacity to allow for a more comfortable commute for the massive amounts of people that pass through it every day. The Revitalization and Reconstruction project being funded by all three levels of government will cost about $1 billion. The project includes but is not limited to new passenger concourses on both sides of the large station, and renovations to the grand hall rail terminal.

Every day over 100,000 passengers pass through the historic Union Station. That is not including Go Transit riders and the pedestrians that use the station to get to and from the waterfront and Toronto’s financial district. Union Station sees about twice the traffic annually that that of Pearson International Airport

A new second platform will be able to accommodate double the capacity and is set to be opening some time next summer. Trains on the University Line will use the existing centre platform, and the Yonge-bound trains will use the new south platform.

Only two more years to go until the project is finished!

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